Dectron’s DRY-O-TRON® is the industry’s original energy recycling dehumidifier. Since the first DRY-O-TRON was introduced, more than 40 years ago, thousands of units have been installed throughout the world.

Dectron pioneered the indoor pool dehumidification market by trying to resolve a problem found in all buildings with Indoor Pools: Structural Damage due to Humidity. In this pursuit, the Engineers at Dectron designed and manufactured the very first DRY-O-TRON®, a mechanical dehumidification system to control humidity and at the same time use the same energy by products to increase comfort by controlling both pool and air temperature within the enclosure.

As the brand name, Dectron’s DRY-O-TRON® stands as:

  • The single largest pool dehumidifier Original Equipment Manufacturer in the world.
  • Over 35,000+ indoor pool installations
  • 40 Years of R&D resulting in the “greenest” and “freshest” feature-rich, premium systems.
  • The easiest product to install.

For the facilities, owners, architects, engineers, contractors and consumers alike this means a guarantee of quality in design and fabrication of solutions to meet the most stringent requirements for safe and comfortable indoor air.