For more than 25 years we have provided our customers with quality, innovative, high performance products carefully engineered for better indoor air. These unique product lines offer heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtration and energy recovery solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Thermoplus Air products are built to last. The design, components, construction details and finish of each unit are chosen with care to ensure optimum performance over a long service life. Particular attention is paid to ease of installation, serviceability and low maintenance in every model.

Thermoplus Air’s skilled technical team applies the latest technologies to design distinctive, energy efficient systems for custom designed solutions to meet specific project requirements.

We specialize on:

1.  Cooling

  • Water Cooled Air Conditioner (also available in heat pump model) KACB
  • City Water Saver CWS
  • Split Water-Cooled Air Conditioners (also available in heat pump model) KACS

2.  Heating & cooling

  • Hybrid Water-Cooled Heat Pump KACB-HB
  • Console Water-Cooled Heat Pump CHP
  • Condominium Heat Pump TCHP

3.  Dehumidification